The Future of Britain

Editor of the Financial Times, Lionel Barber, has asked if Britain will be dead or alive after Brexit.

German Political Scientist Valerie Lux Schult answers.

There is only one possibility to deal with Brexit: The UK has to slam the door with a loud big bang!, which thud shakens the whole Atlantic ocean.

This country has to leave with a cristal clear slash, it has to inseparably slice the ties to the rest of its neighbouring countries and the whole single market. There is no other alternative as this abrupt exit.

Every other “intermediate” model would leave the UK decreased of political power. British politicians would not be able anymore to take part in the EU voting procedure for the regulations they are going to adopt.

What should the isolated Britain do now? It is completely lost. It is alone in the big wide world. It is without its family, without its big brother.

But in every loneliness lays solitude. Only in the darkness you are aware of the importance of light. Britains need the dark times. They need darkness to actually recognize the flashlight leading in their future.

Brexit provides the British government and the british folk with the most valuable tool ever in history: time. The time to reflect, to say it more precisely. Apart from biggest single market in the world, Britain is capable now to lead a public discourse, full with have bubbly-utopian, bonbon-future fresh ideas.

Who the f*** are we?

Now the Britains have time to rub their eyes with astonishment and rethink about their past, presence and future. A whole new conception of British identity has space to get unfolded and rethought.

Britain has to look at the culture of ancient Greece now. There were direct democracy gatherings in cities, citizens would meet and discuss their next marine warfare in the Aegean Sea. Britains also need to meet and discuss their next submarine trip in the post-Brexit future.

Because this is it: which British citizen ever asked herself seriously the question how she is able to lead a good life in regard to the economical framework of this rugged Harry-Potter-island?

In every door slam there lays a chance that a new door will open by the ear crack of the slammed.

Britain has the power.

It has the power on one’s heart content to joyfully experiment with new economic idea. The British economy is now able to try out new avant-gardist models, without needing consent by the big brother EU.

It’s time to decentralize!

Local communities can get subsidies for models of solidarity and cooperative strategies to implement cradle-to-cradle work. Scottish villages can produce their own energy while being independent of the force of the centralized European Single Energy Market.

How about trying out the post– and neomarxist implementation of a workers council, a republic of syndicats where its female and male labourforce run their own companies?

Britain is now a big economical adventure park. And its citizens should play. There is no need to mourn about the others, which play on a bigger playground. Small Britain means freedom. Freedom means space to reflect.

And this is a damn well outlook for the year 2017.

Please summarise your idea in one sentence!

Stop mourning, start musing.

What is your elevator pitch?

Leave the EU with an ear-splittering bang!


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