Valerie Lux Schult-Direj got liberated today from Hannover Bundespolizei. Kovan Lux Direj-Schult is not free by Islamic State. Freedom is not yet fully restored.


FRAU SCHULT-DIREJ WITHOUT KOVAN DIREJ-SCHULT (Stockholm) will today be present at Court of Hannover Amtsgericht to express her opinion if she has a psychological disorder or not. Two old white male psychatrists testified her „Manic Depression“ and „Bipolar Disorder“ and prescribed her heavy drugs which lead to serious body harms like manifested diabetes and diseases of internal organs. The next old white men besides Thomas de Maizére who do everything to manifest and retain their „certified“ power over a female body. Disgusting abuse of power.The next men who will die judicially in front of the eyes of General Lux.

The amount of criminal complaints has risen in the past to weeks up to twenty-two and there will be more. There is only one german female laywer so far who dares to have a take on the most important scandals in the 21st century. So far there is no male laywer who dares to work for Miss Schult-Direj’s accusations and criminal complaints against seven members of the government of the Federal Republik of Germany.

Weak men.

German psychological medecines Facharzt für Psychotherapie and Psychatrie Dr. Michels and Dr. Andreas Féher  came to this conclusion after having met her for the first time, listening to her about 60 minutes, refusing to accept her claim that she has not said everything and that there were still very important character traits she had to elaborate to explain why she is like she is.

Independently from each other they both chose by their free will to not let her speak and listen to her, yet were upfront enough to testify to Amtsgericht Hannover „that they had sufficient knowledge to judge Mrs. Schult-Direj irrational behaviour.“

This is called pure male arrogance and masculine thought of gender superioty while it shows actually that they are the weaker gender: being professionally trained and having obtained a university degree to listen they cannot even listen longer than one hour to a 25-year old student who r.i.g.h.t. n.o.w. has to tell more than anyone else in the world.

Female judge Mrs. Ksampka bound by german Grundgesetz will come to a decision.

There will be never a male judge or doctor to make a decision of the use of her female body.


General Lux is equipped for this case even in Germany and she is ready to kill.

If you do want to avoid a violent bloody revolution for feminism and decline basic human rights for a peaceful female negotiator for truce in Middle East you better belief this r.i.g.h.t.n.o.w.

Because General Lux is right now the strongest woman on earth and men know this and they are in shock state of fear of her and almost every political male leader in United Kingdom and Germany does not know what to do now with this new phenomena, the emergence of a new leader of the worldwide operating Female Military Army, named General Lux, commander-in-chief.

The emanation of a wrathful Green Tara in Germany, right in front of the Bundesinnenministerium.

Only her husband can deal with a wrathful woman like her, because as she is the most wanted woman in Western Europe, he is the most wanted man in Middle East.

Kovan Direj-Schult is a refugee from the emergence of Islamic State in Syria.There is not a single ISIS warrior who does not licks his lips thinking to aim a machine rifle at Mr Direj-Schults writing heart.

He has to hide himself in a far away area in Sweden.

Because he unabashedly reports and reports and reports about the most serious human rights violations, ethnic genocides and feminices Minister of Defences by western European States do not even dare to look at.


The Team of Editorial Agency Schult-Direj staunchly defends the United Nations Women Charta of Human Rights and Valerie and Kovan are both ready to survive any torture possible in  Damaskus by Baschar-al Assad and  Hannover by Bundespolizei as for the advancement of an civilized world, an utopia right now, where men and women live together in peace.

They are both ready to die for women rights.

They will never die because they are protected by the unconditional love of god and the universe.

Va-va is fortunately alive now.

So what to do with that?

World peace.

Starts 16th December 2016 in Aleppo, Middle East.

The second renaissance of European Enlightment Era starts withthe beginning of third world war in South East Asian Europe.


Invitation for LuxLeaks supporters:

Raum 2241a

Wednesday 7th December 2016


Amtsgericht Hannover (HBF)

Volgersweg 1

30175 Hannover

Judge:  Anka Kampka.



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